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ALLTHERM SERVICES INC. in Lowell, Indiana, has expert staff with many years of industry specific knowledge. 

About us

Jerry Skorupa, Sr. started Alltherm Services in 1986 after many years in the steel and refractory industries. He felt that he could apply his passion, experience, and drive to find better ways to serve and innovate for his customers.  That attitude now pervades all parts of Alltherm Services. Jerry continues to lead the company to this day.

Experienced Staff

Our fabrication, installation, and repair crews have years of experience and industry knowledge. They have seen it all.  

Some team members have been with the company since its beginning. You can rest assured that the job will be done safely and done right. Exceeding our customer's expectations is what we are all about at Alltherm Services.  

On top of all that, our people are plainly just nice folks to work with as well.  


Additional Services

Additional services include, but are not limited to:

•Ground-up Fabrication
•Complete or Partial Rebuilds
•Holding Furnace Covers
•Hot Repairs for Aluminum •Holding Furnaces
•Hot or Cold Repairs
•Turn-Key Installations
•Refractory Maintenance
•Rebuilds and Retrofits

Dry-Outs, Tear-Outs, and Demolition•Precast Custom Shapes•Tunnel Furnace Installation and Maintenance •Custom Ceramic Fiber Modules                    •High-Temperature Flooring for Molten Metal Spills  •Furnace Evaluations  •Heat/Thermal Gradient Transfers

•Hot Repairs for Melting Furnaces•Furnace Relining
•Hot Cleaning
•Hot Repairs for Aluminum Holding Furnaces
•Hot Gunning
•Dross Reclaimer Relining
•Ladle Relining

Contact us for a great team to help keep your operation in business.