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ALLTHERM SERVICE INC. in Lowell, Indiana, has 20+ years of experience with Tear outs, Relines, Rebuilds, and Retro-fits of all your industrial furnaces and systems. We also feature a patented formula for ceramic fiber coating that allows for quick repairs.


Holding furnaces: You can have us rebuild your holding furnaces either in our shop or at your facility. In our shop saves you money, in your shop saves you time!  We've done hundreds of holding furnaces. We know the tricks of the trade to do the highest quality holding furnace work - at very competitive prices. 

Split Lid Electric Covers:  Do you heat your metal with electricity? Alltherm’s Split Lid Electric Cover is designed to make your maintenance guy smile. They will be able to switch out elements in record time, and clean out the furnace much more easily. They get an easy to work on lid, you get a clean furnace.

Patented Products

Our company also features Ultra-Z™, a patented ceramic fiber coating formula that withstands the heat and pressure of an operating furnace. It allows for quick and lasting repairs and keeps your lining in great condition.

Additional services include, but are not limited to:

•Ground-up Fabrication
•Complete or Partial Rebuilds
•Holding Furnace Covers
•Hot Repairs for Aluminum •Holding Furnaces
•Hot or Cold Repairs
•Turn-Key Installations
•Refractory Maintenance
•Rebuilds and Retrofits

Dry-Outs, Tear-Outs, and Demolition•Precast Custom Shapes
•Tunnel Furnace Installation and Maintenance
•Custom Ceramic Fiber Modules
•High-Temperature Flooring for Molten Metal Spills
•Furnace Evaluations
•Heat/Thermal Gradient Transfers

•Hot Repairs for Melting Furnaces•Furnace Relining
•Hot Cleaning
•Hot Repairs for Aluminum Holding Furnaces
•Hot Gunning
•Dross Reclaimer Relining
•Ladle Relining

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