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Advanced Electric Element Systems and Controls

ALLTHERM SERVICE INC. in Lowell, Indiana, provides a leading edge design for electric element systems in holding furnaces and other related designs for working with molten metals. 

Innovative Designs

We lead the electric cover industry with innovative thinking and advanced designs, retrofitting your elements for better energy usage and a longer life. Our "Positive Plus NS-1" element anchoring system eliminates up to 89% of electrical shorts present in the outdated designs currently used as the original industrial standard. This element anchoring system replaces the metal anchors with ones that are solid castable. This approach completely eliminates the threat of failed insulators while softening the contact area between the ceramic tube and the anchor.

Our highly skilled staff can design, manufacture, and supply Electric Resistance Heating Elements, Immersion Heaters, Tubular Heaters, Globars, and Control Panels. 





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