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Custom Furnace Fabrication with Ceramic Fiber Modules

ALLTHERM SERVICE INC. in Lowell, Indiana, leads the refractory industry with custom furnace fabrication using cutting-edge design and energy saving ceramic fiber modules. These products are fabricated at our facility and then assembled at your location.

Modernized Methods

Our company sets an industry standard with our innovative "Positive Plus R-1" stainless steel anchoring system. With our unique ceramic fiber module design for doors, our specially designed side plates create a fuller and longer lasting seal between the door and the furnace, keeping your furnace at the target temperature. Using this design, these doors often last 3 years or more without requiring repairs or replacement. 

Ceramic Strength

We encourage our clients to go with our custom ceramic fiber modules for energy-efficiency and durability. Ceramic fiber roofs and modules save at least 20% on energy costs compared to traditional cement styles. Plus, they are lighter, cheaper to maintain, and much easier to install. We build long-lasting roofs, walls, lids, launder systems, covers, and walls for either retrofits or new construction.

Contact us for custom furnace fabrication using energy-saving ceramic fiber modules.