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A Full Service, State-of-the-Art Refractory Contractor 

Since 1986, Alltherm Services has been leading the way with innovative, but practical solutions for the aluminum, steel, and other industries with high temperature production needs.  We have satisfied customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.



ALLTHERM SERVICES INC. of Lowell, Indiana, is a full service refractory contractor specializing in fabricating, rebuilding, and repairing everything from ceramic fiber doors, roofs, and lining systems to aluminum holding furnaces and the electric covers that keep them going. Whether it's a partial rebuild or a complete re-line, we provide the expert knowledge and quality products you've come to expect from our years of experience.  We also provide consulting services and make recommendations on how to improve and service an existing facility or build a brand new furnace.

Lasting Efficiency

Our custom furnace fabrication using ceramic fiber modules in roofs and doors vastly reduces lost heat and slashes your energy costs. Our attention to detail makes every product we make and install 'built to last'.


Customized Design

In addition to a full array of maintenance and repair services, our company provides custom design work building solutions for your specific situation. We also design and make electric element systems that set the industry standard.
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Contact us   Alltherm Services, Inc. is a full service, state-of-the-art refractory contractor capable of making your furnace more durable and energy efficient.  Let us show you how.